Standards and Interoperability in 5 minutes or less

Here you will find a series of short video presentations designed to give a high level overview of the standards that have been developed for use in the vital statistics domain.  Each presentation is done at a very high level and is designed to run five minutes or less.



Getting Started–Read Me First (pdf)



Part 1 Standards Overview

Part 2 Birth and Fetal Death Reporting

Part 3 Vital Records Death Reporting

Part 4 HL7 Version 2

Part 5 A Closer Look at HL7 CDA

Part 6 Let’s Talk About FHIR

Part 7  Working with vocabulary





Test on all parts (pdf)



Below are links to various IHE and HL7 Implementation Guides for births and deaths.

Vital Event IHE Implementation Guide HL7 Implementation Guide
Birth and Fetal Death IHE_QRPH_Suppl_BFDR-E.pdf Version 2:  Version 2.51 Implementation Guide

CDA: HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA® Release 2: Birth and Fetal Death Reporting, Release 1 (US Realm)

*Must download from HL7 Website and agree to license terms


Death ihe_qrph_suppl_vrdr.pdf Version 2: V26_IG_VRDRPT_R1_STU_2016AUG.pdf


*Must download from HL7 Website and agree to license terms



For More Information

Health Level Seven International

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)