Standards and Interoperability

The following standards have been approved for use  by health care providers, third-party payers, and clinical laboratories by the Utah Health Information Network’s Standards Committee:

(a)  Discharge Summary v2.0, March 4, 2009;

(b)  History and Physical v2.0, March 4, 2009;

(c)  Chief Complaint v2.0, March 15, 2009;

(d)  Operative Report v2.0, June 15, 2009;

(e)  Clinical Acknowledgement and Error Status v2.0, June 15, 2009;

(f)  Laboratory Test Result Identifiers v2.0, September 5.2009;

(g)  Clinical Laboratory Results v2.0, September 30, 2009;

(h)  Radiology Report v2.0, June 21, 2010.;

(i)  Clinical Laboratory Orders v2.0, December 03, 2010;

(j)  Immunization Standard v2.0, March 02, 2011;

(k)  Laboratory Test Compendium Standard v2.0, December 03, 2010;

(l)  Laboratory Billing Compendium Standard v2.0, December 03, 2010, which are incorporated by references.

The following standards have been approved by the ThSisU advisory committee and the Utah Digital Health Service Commission for sharing identity information:

(a)  Cross Community Patient Discovery (XCPD)

(b)  Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS)

(c)  Patient Identity Cross Reference (PIX)

(d)  Patient Demographic Query (PDQ)