Digital Health Service Commission

About  the Utah Digital Health Service Commission

The Utah Digital Health Service Commission is a governor-appointed statutory policy advisory body (§26-9f). Its mission is to facilitate and promote the adoption of the secure, effective and efficient exchange of electronic health data and services, as a means to reduce health care costs, enhance quality, increase access, and improve medical and public health services.


January 5, 2017 Meeting: Agenda

Handouts: Digital Health Service Commission 2016-2018 Planning Worksheet by Henry Gardner, Article on Declining Health by Henry Gardner, The ThSisU Advisory Committee by Wu Xu, Claims Data Reporting to UDOH and Issues of All Payer Claims Data (APCD) by Denise Love and Norman Thurston, Claims Data Exchange Between Providers and Payers in Utah by Teresa Rivera, Review of Measures for HIT Goals in the Utah Health IT Strategic Plan by Sarah Woolsey

January 7, 2016 Meeting: Agenda  Handouts  Minutes

March 3, 2016 Meeting: Agenda  Pending Minutes

Handouts: Clinical Data Needs for Population Health by Karen Coats, Meaningful Use Syndromic Surveillance by Theron Jeppson, Meaningful Use Public Health Measure: Submitting Electronic Immunization Data to USIIS by Establishing an EHR-USIIS HL7 Interface by Nancy McConnell, Newborn Hearing Screening Results and Diagnostic Reports Exchange Project by Stephanie McVicar and Krysta Badger

May 17, 2016 Meeting: Agenda   Minutes

Handout: The ONC Site Visit for the HIE Grant by Sarah Woolsey

July 7, 2016 Meeting: Agenda

Handouts: HIT Strategic Goals: Projects (Strategies) & Objectives Defined by Iona Thraen, Update on the Utah Health IT Strategic Plan by Wyatt Packer,A Utah Mental Health Confidential Information Law by Sarah Woolsey

Staff Support

The Utah Department of Health’s Center for Health Data and Informatics (CHDI) provides staff support to the Commission.

Commission Documents


Henry Gardner Chair

Digital health service advocate

Mark F. Dalley Representative of a licensed health care facility
Mark Hiatt
Representative of health insurance industry
Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah
Preston Marx
Rural health consultant
Uintah Basin Healthcare
Tamara Richards
Nursing representative
Intermountain Healthcare
Randall Rupper Represents user of digital health service in a public or private institution
VA Medical Center
Craig C. Herzog
Represents non-physician provider involved in digital health service
Dept of Pharmacy, University of Utah Hospital
Andrew Croshaw Representing a member of the public not involved with Digital Health Service, Leavitt Partners
Teresa Hughes Riviera
Teresa Hughes Riviera
IT Professional involved in digital health service
Patricia Carroll Digital health service consumer advocate Telehealth Development
Patricia Carroll
Digital health service consumer advocate
Telehealth Development

















Sarah Lynn Woolsey

Physician involved in digital health service HealthInsight