Digital Health Service Commission

About  the Utah Digital Health Service Commission

The Utah Digital Health Service Commission is a governor-appointed statutory policy advisory body (§26-9f). Its mission is to facilitate and promote the adoption of the secure, effective and efficient exchange of electronic health data and services, as a means to reduce health care costs, enhance quality, increase access, and improve medical and public health services.


January  9, 2020  Meeting:  Agenda  Minutes  Recording

Handouts: Social Determinants of Health: Data Advancement for Utah – Sarah Woolsey, Caitlin Schneider, Andrea wallace, Matt Hoffman, Gene Smith and Anna Dillingham

March  5, 2020  Meeting:  Agenda  Minutes  Recording

Handouts: Health Information Exchanges – Utah and National Updates and Priorities – Matt Hoffman

January 10, 2019  Meeting:  Agenda 

Handouts: Medical Cannabis (Quick Facts) – Rich Oborn,  Summary of Electronic Verification System Requirements –  Rich Oborn,  Medical Cannabis Act Implementation – Rich Oborn, Goal 1 Objectives – Teresa Rivera and Sarah Woolsey, Goal 2 Objectives – Teresa Rivera and Sarah Woolsey, Opioid monitoring and the Controlled Substance Database: 1) Overview – Anna Fondario 2) Utah’s Controlled Substance Database (CSD): PatientPrescriber Dashboard, &CSD-EHR Integration Updates – Melanie Wallentine and Jon Reid 3) Opioid Community Dashboards – Internal and External – Naresh Sundar Rajan

March 7, 2019  Meeting:  Agenda  Minutes

Handouts: Goal 2 Objectives – Teresa Rivera,  Goal 3 Objectives – Teresa Rivera, Information Blocking NPRM – Teresa Rivera,

Interoperability and Patient  Access – Teresa Rivera, UHIN-Utah Health IT Day – Teresa Rivera,  R380-77 ThSisU- Rule – Matt Hoffman and Sid Thornton, ThSisU Update – Matt Hoffman and Sid Thornton

May 2, 2019 Meeting:  Agenda  Minutes

Handouts: All-Payer Claims Database 2019 Update –  Sterling Petersen, Chronic Disease Surveillance Projects – Theron Jeppson, Comagine Health and State HIT Plan Goal 4 – Sarah Woolsey, Deep Dive – Goal 4 – Teresa Rivera

July 11, 2019 Meeting: Agenda  Minutes

Handouts: Public Meeting Act Training –  Micah Vorwaller, Utah Digital Citizen Integration Project (SB137) – Dave Fletcher, HB 387 Draft Report Review – Navina Forsythe, Update HIT Plan – Navina Forsythe, CMS  Proposed Rules Summary – Teresa Rivera, ONC Proposed Rules Summary – Teresa Rivera, CARIN Code of Conduct for Patient apps – Teresa Rivera, Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) Draft – Teresa Rivera

September  5, 2019  Meeting:  Agenda Minutes  Recording

Handouts: HIT Strategic Plan

November  7, 2019  Meeting:  Agenda Minutes  Recording

Handouts:  Health Care Delivery Measures – Mark Dalley, Randall Rupper and Preston Marx,  HIT Infrastructure Measures – Todd Bailey, Peter Hannon and Ken Schaecher,  Innovation and Research Measures – Sarah Woolsey and Navina Forsythe, Patient Involvement Measures – Ben Hiatt, Henry Gardner and Patricia Barrus

January 4, 2018 Meeting: Agenda  Minutes

Handouts:  State HIT Plan Measures by Sarah Woolsey, Legislative Updates by Wu Xu

March 1, 2018 Meeting: Agenda   Recording 1  Recording 2

Handout: Connecticut’s experience to date with CancelRx, opportunity for learning and partnering by Dr. Tom Agresta

May 3, 2018 Meeting: Agenda  Minutes

Handouts: Volunteer Care Clinic by Clyde M Stauffer IV, ONC Draft Trusted Exchange Framework by Teresa Rivera

July 12, 2018 Meeting: Agenda   Minutes

Consumer-Directed Exchange (CDEx): A New Paradigm for Health Information Exchange by Andrew Croshaw and David Lee

Updates on the Utah Statewide Health IT Strategic Plan by Sarah Woolsey and Teresa Rivera (three handouts) Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3 

September 13, 2018 Meeting: Agenda  Minutes

Handouts: State HIT Dashboard  by Mark Hiatt, Telemedicine: Opportunities, Barriers and FutureDirections by Peter Hannon

November 1, 2018 Meeting: Agenda  

Handouts: Goal 1 by Henry Gardner and Sarah Woolsey, Utah’s POLST and ePOLST Initiatives by Rob Ence, Emmie Gardner, Alan Ormsby, Deepthi Rajeev and Iona Thraen

January 5, 2017 Meeting: Agenda

Handouts: Digital Health Service Commission 2016-2018 Planning Worksheet by Henry Gardner, Article on Declining Health by Henry Gardner, The ThSisU Advisory Committee by Wu Xu, Claims Data Reporting to UDOH and Issues of All Payer Claims Data (APCD) by Denise Love and Norman Thurston, Claims Data Exchange Between Providers and Payers in Utah by Teresa Rivera, Review of Measures for HIT Goals in the Utah Health IT Strategic Plan by Sarah Woolsey

March 2, 2017 Meeting: Agenda  Minutes

Handouts: Using Data to Speed Outreach by Lee Spears, Mission Health Services by Gary Kelso, Review of Measures for HIT Goals in the Utah Health IT Strategic Plan by Sarah Woolsey

May 4, 2017 Meeting: Agenda  

Handouts: Introduction to HL7 Standards, Challenges of Clinical Data Exchange by Stan Huff

July 20, 2017 Meeting: Agenda  

Handouts: Review of Measures for HIT Goals in the Utah Health IT Strategic Plan by Sarah Woolsey , Efficiency of Payment System: Timeliness, Pre-authorization and Post-adjudication by Preston Marx, HIT 90/10 IAPD Report by Iona Thraen, Project Pivotal by Henry Gardner

January 7, 2016 Meeting:  Agenda  Handouts  Minutes

March 3, 2016 Meeting: Agenda   Minutes

Handouts: Clinical Data Needs for Population Health by Karen Coats, Meaningful Use Syndromic Surveillance by Theron Jeppson, Meaningful Use Public Health Measure: Submitting Electronic Immunization Data to USIIS by Establishing an EHR-USIIS HL7 Interface by Nancy McConnell, Newborn Hearing Screening Results and Diagnostic Reports Exchange Project by Stephanie McVicar and Krysta Badger

May 17, 2016 Meeting: Agenda  Minutes

Handout: The ONC Site Visit for the HIE Grant by Sarah Woolsey

July 7, 2016 Meeting: Agenda

Handouts: HIT Strategic Goals: Projects (Strategies) & Objectives Defined by Iona Thraen, Update on the Utah Health IT Strategic Plan by Wyatt Packer,A Utah Mental Health Confidential Information Law by Sarah Woolsey

Staff Support

The Utah Department of Health’s Center for Health Data and Informatics (CHDI) provides staff support to the Commission.

Commission Documents


Randall Rupper, Chair
Represents User of Digital Health Service in a Public or Private Institution
VA Medical Center
Mark F. Dalley, Chair-Elect
Representative of a Licensed Health Care Facility
Henry Gardner
Digital Health Service Advocate
Sarah Lynn Woolsey
Physician Involved in Digital Health Service
Preston Marx
Rural Health Consultant
Uintah Basin Healthcare
Todd Bailey
Member Uses Digital Health Service in Serving
Medically Underserved Population
Mountainlands Community Health Center
Patricia Henrie-Barrus
Mental or Behavioral Health Representative
Benjamin Hiatt
Not Involved with Digital Health Service
Kenneth L. Schaecher
Representative of the Health Insurance Industry
Anika Gardenhire
Nursing Representative
Dallas L. Moore
Non-Physician Health Care Provider Involved in Digital Health Service