ThSisU – The Shared Identification Services for Utahns

The Shared Identification Services for Utahns (ThSisU) securely identifies persons across clinical, financial and administrative systems required for the provision of health in our community for the digital era.


The Department of Health Master Person Index (DOHMPI) is a repository of linked identities from multiple Utah Department of Health (UDOH) information systems. This resource will be interoperable with UDOH programs, specifically supporting Medicaid and public health operational use cases.

DoC – UDOH Provider Directory:

The Directory of Clinicians (DoC) – UDOH Provider Directory will be a resource taken from multiple data sources with up-to-date, accurate information for use at UDOH. This resource will allow for multi-phase connections (patient to provider, provider to other provider/s) and be interoperable with both internal (UDOH programs) and external (statewide) provider directories.

Integration and Interoperability Assessment:

To assess and explore the integration and interoperability needs at UDOH and to develop an agency-wide interoperability strategic roadmap that is informed by environmental analysis of key drivers, enablers, and constraints that relate to UDOH’s mission, and by engaging a range of UDOH’s Health IT related staff throughout the process.


Informatics Working Documents:


Informatics Challenges of Population Health Practices


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Ensuring High Quality Birth Certificate Data in the e-Health Era


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Development of a Common Data Model to Promote Interoperable Systems and

Reuse of Public Health Data: The Utah Department of Health Case Study


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Community of Innovators in Epidemiology and Public Health Informatics

coi-EPHI Vision: 

With little effort, public health practitioners get and use the information they need to make well informed decisions that have important, positive effects on population health.